"Relax, let us do the dirty work."

Bubbles & Trashbags

Serving the Hampton Roads Communties

Who Are We

The team at Bubbles and Trash Bags offer resident communities and businesses high quality valet trash and commercial cleaning services. We are comitted to serving the community just like it was our home, taking steps to keep it clean and safe, so you can Relax, while We Handle the Dirty Work!


Service Summary

We offer our commercial cleaning services to small business and offices. It is important to leave the impression to clients and customers, that your work-space is clean. This cleaning service is an attentive wash, santize, and debris removal that goes deeper than standard janitorial cleaning.

Service Details


Your floors, glass, restrooms, eating & workspaces are made clean. Our professionals spot-clean as needed and reliably eliminate even the smallest splash marks and fingerprints.

Dust & Debris Removal

No horizontal surfaces are left unwiped, swept, and/or vaccumed. All waste, from trash to ash trays are emptied and cleaned. Even troublesome dirt in doorways, frames, and entrances are removed.

Disinfect & Sanitize

Especially in the time of now, disinfecting and santitizing is a crucial part of cleaning. We sanitize all surfaces, including community objects such as doorknobs, handles, telephones, down to light switches


Service Summary

Our Valet Trash services are offered to our local residential communities, such as apartments, campuses, and senior living communities. We provide doorstep to dumpster waste transport to add value and safety to your residencies.

Service Details

5 Days a week convenient and reliable trash services.

Our service prevent garbage pile-ups and late night trips to the dumpster for your reisdents.

This service is carried out by our uniform employees to promote a safe and clean environment.



  • Bubbles and Trash Bags LLC was established in 2018 by its owner, John Doe. John Doe had a unique vision to bring Valet Trash to the seven cities of Hampton Roads with the sole purpose of bringing needed supports to our communities and apartments. Offering this unique service with affordable pricing will help customers not only save time and money, but offer safer neighborhood living eliminating night time trips to dumpster, cleaner communities, and happier residents! With highly trained employees, our services are sure to be executed with precision and efficacy.